Meet the Team!


We at IMMRSV ASIA INC are a FUN-LOVING and CREATIVE bunch. We thrive on INNOVATION and INGENUITY when designing the projection mapping that make even the hardiest of souls sigh with appreciation. Mediocrity is not in our vocabulary as we keep pushing the limits of our abilities; giving our all into each and every project. We believe that there is always room for IMOROVEMENT in our craft and strive to be the BEST in our field. All the while keeping an OPENMIND and remembering to ENJOY what we do. We provide technology and creative innovation for staging, events and TV shows, as well as supply technical expertise in Pandoras Box, Watchout System, Panoramic screen Air Switch technology and Bluetooth.

IMMRSV ASIA is also the proud pioneer of 3D Mapping in the Philippines! Our talents include:

–          Stereoscopic 3D

–          Projection mapping on buildings and onto other 3D surfaces

–          Virtual Augmented Reality

–          3D Sound

–          Air Touch Technology and 3D Animation Graphics for live events and staging

–          LED Poi

–           Digital Graffiti

Interested in what we have to offer? See our Contact page and drop us a line! We look forward to working with you.


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