Be immersed in Virtual Reality


         A Virtual Affair was a launching like no other as groups of companies came together and simultaneously launched their products and services relating to Virtual Reality (VR). The event was held at the Anima Hall of Green Sun Hotel and was well-attended by Media, Ad Agencies, Bloggers, prominent personalities in the industry, and was hosted by Adobo Magazine.

        For the Opening Performance, our very own Vernice Lim demonstrated one of our newest products and services, the VR Tilt Brush. Verns painted a scene contrasting a sunny garden and a moonlit sea, her strokes gracefully in time with music.

        Her performance ended at quite a high note with guests clapping and cheering after the finished work was revealed. However, an on-the-spot virtual painting wasn’t the only highlight we provided that evening as we were given the opportunity to showcase the IMMRSV Dome; yet another of our newest services.


          The first portable 360-degree projection in the Philippines, it’s highly versatile use and unique look made it an instant hit among the guests. The sleek grey cover makes it easy to light up in different colors, and even to projection map upon it! While it’s overall look just begs you to take a peek inside. Although we are not going to spoil the immersive experience by posting pics of the inside; you’ll just have to see for yourselves… give it a try at your own events for a truly immersive experience!

         IMMRSV ASIA wishes to thank Adobo Magazine for giving us this wonderful opportunity to showcase our newest services. It was a truly enlightening affair that will hopefully promote further advancement of tech-savvy events.

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