Basketball on the Rise

There’s no denying the fact that Filipinos everywhere love basketball. And we’re not just talking about on a professional level; kids and adults alike can be found testing their skills in Baranggay courts all over the country in pickup games or community tournaments. Great talent in Basketball can be found in any corner of the country, often going undiscovered.


This belief is what lead Nike to come up with their new reality show, Rise! The show aims to uncover young street ballers with great potential and follow their progress till they make it professionally. Eligible participants are those who are lacking in resources to hone their skills or get discovered.


These lucky few will now have access to the best that Nike has to offer; whether in athletic gear, sports attire, and the latest footwear. They will even be trained by one of the best coaches in the country: Coach Chot Reyes with Jimmy Alapag as his Assistant Coach.




Endowed with the best of everything this renowned sports company has to offer, these lucky young athletes will be well on their way to becoming the future of Philippine Basketball.

Nike Rise was unveiled during a Media Conference hosted by a prominent sports lover himself, Boom Gonzales. Coach Chot Reyes and Asst. Coach Jimmy Alapag were present as well to give their thoughts on what they will be looking for in future trainees.

As of the launch of this exciting new venture, we are all looking forward to see the chosen athletes and their journey to become great players.

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