The Pandoras Box Story

If you’ve been a consistent follower of our blog, you’d notice how integral 3D Projection Mapping is to our company. Most of our projects entail at least one form of mapping. After all, it is still one of our most versatile and creative services.

Seeing large-scale and interactive projections never fails to impress our clients, and so, as a series, we would like to impart our first steps using this software and how we strive to maximize its full potential. Here are our first two installments:

The Pandoras Box Story: The Outset

Giant projections on buildings are remarkable to see. But did you ever wonder how they are done?

With the Pandoras Box, projections have progressed to being able to wrap on textured, even faceted, surfaces of any shape and size. And, as with everything, the beginnings of this software utilization were with baby steps. Nonetheless, it proved its premium quality in stability as well as reliability during the Coke 100 Years project.  This was carried out for 3 days straight and was the first usage outdoors on such a huge scale. Yet all runs went smoothly, and audiences enjoyed Coke’s colourful history without a hitch.



The Pandoras Box Story: Defying Convention

Although the Coke 100 Years projection was quite the feat in itself, there was a desire to go further and maximize the potential of the Pandoras Box. This was accomplished with the Lexus LFA projection mapping. Out of any surface, wrapping projections on a car is the hardest. And to ease into this new ability, it was done on one side of the car. But once again, the Pandoras Box proved that it is the best tool for creativity, as it not only did well mapping on the car, a full background was also clearly and flawlessly projected.




Stay tuned faithful followers for the next installments every Wednesday!

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