Going Places

50,000 professionals from various industries, from over 160 countries, this large convention is the IBC 2013 in Amsterdam.


Such an affair is not to be missed, especially in an industry like ours; for such venues are perfect for keeping up with world trends and an avenue for improvement. So it goes without saying that the IMMRSV ASIA (Grupo Lumina) Managing Director, Mr. Mart Miranda, was one of the eager delegates.


This event was not just momentous for our company on account of its scale, but also because a valued and loyal supplier has featured our testimonial in their brochure! This is quite a start in paving the way to the international scene, as the brochure will be used worldwide wherever they have patrons.

1235965_10151742910698411_1800868529_n 1234226_10151742910713411_2051597961_n

See English translation:

English version

This is a really exciting start to our company’s chapter as IMMRSV ASIA and we hope that these blessings keep coming!

IMMRSV ASIA (Grupo Lumina) wishes to thank Coolux for featuring our testimonial in their brochure. We look forward to even more ventures as a team!


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