What to do with Graffiti

When we hear the word “graffiti”, most often what comes to mind are words spray-painted on brick walls, probably in some rundown alley.

Or, for those artists out there, it can be a form of expression as there are graffiti art that are just amazing.

For us here at Grupo Lumina, we tend to agree with the latter point of view; especially when it’s given a techy twist!

We had a booth dedicated to a Digital Graffiti Wall, which everyone had fun turning it into a unique personalized photo booth! And that is just one of many ways to utilize the Digital Graffiti.

998435_10151602589686645_871366092_n 1148864_10200416057348824_2045148595_n 1175744_10200416053668732_1533254011_n 1184918_10200416060948914_1448429155_n 1186021_10200416046708558_1930504437_n 1187246_10200416049988640_35806274_n

Last Tuesday, we held our Immersive Asia Expo as scheduled; amid the raging storm and flooded streets. But that didn’t stop us from demonstrating what we can come up with given our wide array of products and services.

The Graffiti Wall is but one exhibit in our whole expo! We have lots more in store for you!

Due to the bad weather, a lot of guests couldn’t make it to the first leg of the expo. Stay tuned, for we’ll have a second to make up for it.

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