The Immersive Asia Expo

Grupo Lumina is having our very own expo!

As this will be a first for the company, we are pretty excited and hope you will come and support us on this special day.

Please scroll down to see the official press release and the poster. Don’t forget to register if you’re interested in attending!

Grupo Lumina, the pioneer in 3D video mapping in the Philippines, invites everyone to Immersive Asia Expo – an exhibit of innovative ways to experience videos.  Prepare to feast your senses when digital world meets reality.  Featured are actual demonstrations and sample projects using digital technology such as 3D mapping on various surfaces, motion control, hologram, airscan and digital graffiti.

Immersive Asia Expo takes place on August 20, at the Rockwell Tent.  It is open to the public from 1-5 pm.

For interested attendees, send your names, email address, contact numbers and company name to

 E-vite Final

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