Toys for the Big Boys

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Though Father’s day has long passed, Grupo Lumina still wishes to give a shout out to all the most important men in our lives! But this post isn’t just for the guys who have brought us up to be the great people we are today; we’d like to salute all the gallant boyfriends, brothers, and buddies who have ever guided and inspired those around them. Especially to all the motor-loving, grease monkeys out there.

But no need to wait for a special occasion to show them appreciation and return the favour, every day you’re with them is a perfect opportunity.

And what better gift to give the man in your life, whoever he may be, than the perfect accessories to the second most pampered gal in his life; his car!

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Last night, July 16’13, at the Solaire Ballroom, Grupo Lumina helped launch the absolute embellishment to every automobile…the coolest set of wheels in the country!

Or, tires, to be exact.

But these babies are no ordinary tires as they’re the latest technology in the industry! To help convince the night’s guests that these bad boys could make a car the King of the Road, Grupo Lumina put on a special projection mapping stint to further showcase it’s qualities. As the pictures so clearly depict.

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Grupo Lumina wishes to thank Saga for inviting us to come on board and help in making last night’s event the success it was; they were in charge of the production and event conceptualization.

And although the pictures are nice and all, Grupo Lumina would never deprive their readers of the full awesomeness of the whole video.

So here it is! Please watch it, it’s really worth it!

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