Amalgam: When Light meets Shadow

FGM Adobo Mag

Grupo Lumina takes a spot in the limelight when co-founder, Mart Miranda, makes it to the centrefold of Adobo Magazine. Also the President of Video Sonic, Mr. Mart was dubbed as a “quintessential magician” by the magazine for being in the “business of captivating, mesmerizing, and entertaining” audiences across the capital “using the very latest in light and projection technology”.

Aptly entitled, “Light and Shadow”, the feature talks about how Mart’s travels to Las Vegas and New York inspired him to bring the wonders he found there into the local scene; the results of which are the wonderful 3D projections his company is known for.

But rest assured the magic doesn’t stop there, for this magician has got more surprises up his sleeve. Innovative and always striving to outdo the last sensation, Grupo Lumina has more tricks and visual treats when they show what can happen when light meets shadow.

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