Marlboro Ice Blast

Don’t know how to stay cool this summer? Well, why not try the new Ice Blast!

This frosty menthol-packed innovation was launched last April 12, Friday at The Fort. And let us tell you, what a party it turned out to be! No expense was spared in making sure this new product was successfully unveiled as the latest craze in and around the metro.

The event was held at the open grounds near the NBC tent, where a huge domed air-conditioned pavilion was erected, solely for that occasion.

Upon entering the futuristic winter wonderland, guests had to first step through a glowing tunnel, indicating their night of frosty fun was to begin. After registering, guests were led into the main section of the dome where all the excitement was to be had. Sexy and chic cocktail tables scattered about the room let of wintry blue lights that aided in creating the sub-zero ambiance while fog machines let off a little steam.

But of course, nothing set the polar atmosphere quite like our 360 degree projection. Featuring snowy mountain tops and glacial landscapes, the projection on the domed ceiling really gave life to the winter wonderland.

And for our piece de resistance, we had an iconic video graphics cougar run the perimeter of the dome, ending with its eye melting into the LED dais encompassing the DJ’s.

Speaking of DJ’s, the night’s entertainment was Deuce Manila; the female spinning duo. They had guests swaying and moving to the rhythm of house music. Joining them as the nights performers were Addlib, the interpretative dance troupe, and the All Stars, with their space-age costumes and stellar performance.

Adding spice to an already great performance, we didn’t miss this chance to mix in a bit of technology by having our air scanner highlight the dancers’ movements as they glided around the dance floor.

True to the night’s laid back, party theme, guests were served finger food waiters passed about on huge platters and free-flowing drinks from the bar.

We’d like to thank and acknowledge SAGA for putting together such a wonderful event and for inviting us to share in the fun with them.

It’s an experience we’d definitely want to repeat!

Scroll down to view pictures of how we did the set up as well as the amazing outcome!

IMG_6382 IMG_6383 IMG_6352 IMG_6394 IMG_6396 IMG_6397

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