Guess the Specs, win a jacket!

This 2014, Bigger is Better!
And with these giant LED Walls, we capitalize on the impact of the grand in scale.


Hello Followers! In our first ever contest, we invite you to guess the height and width of our giant LED Wall!

Guess correctly and win a limited edition IMMRSV ASIA Jacket!jacket 1jacket 1 oB

jacket 1 oA

Just leave your answers in the comments below, and we’ll let you know if the jacket is yours.
Contest concludes on the end of March!

Note: Contest is for social media followers only, employees and free-lancers of IMMRSV ASIA Inc. may not participate.

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Grand Fiesta 2013

The 2013 Christmas season has ended and a new year has finally begun. And as IMMRSV ASIA, we chose to end the year as Grupo Lumina had in 2012; with Jessie and Friends!

However, we decided to tweak the escapades of the adventurous and precocious Jessie. This year, instead of having him traverse the magical landscapes of a digital COD…


Jessie came to our world to the further delight of the kiddies, through a magical, musical, electric parade!

Slide17 P1020509 P1020508 Slide16 Slide12 Slide6 Slide10 Slide5 Slide1

Running throughout the expanse of the Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, guests and shoppers had a blast watching the eclectic parade as it wove through the crowds. Diverging from the conventional parade, it was ethnic meets modern in this fusion of the traditional and technical. Authentic Ati-Atihan costumes were lit up in LED lights and were juxtaposed with RGB Dancers, in their futuristic Tron-inspired costumes. And having a Higantes theme, you could certainly bet that everything was huge! CandyCanes, Frosty the Snowman, the Gingerbreadman, and even Jessie, surely stood out among the crowd and were joined by authentic Male and Female Higantes from Angono, Rizal.

P1020524 P1020537 P1020531

Not only was this a visual feast for the children and adults alike, but it was interactive as well! Guests got their Instagram and Facebook fixes as a meet and greet, picture taking portion was allotted after the final performance.

P1020535 P1020529 P1020530

Every weekend, for the month of December 2013, Resorts World Manila was filled with laughter and Christmas merriment, brought about by this amalgam of a Grand Fiesta!

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The Vehicle to Responsible Adulthood: Complete Video

In line with our last post, please click the link to watch the complete video of our different approach to projection mapping.

This was quite the challenge, so it’s definitely not to be missed!

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The Vehicle to Responsible Adulthood

Though we wouldn’t post a self-help article on our blog dedicated to featuring immersive technology, we do care about our readers’ enough to let them know about a great deal when we come across it.

So therefore by “vehicle”, we literally mean a car.

The new Mitsubishi Mirage G4, to be exact!


This baby is just what any young professional out there needs as a transition between the young, wild and free-stage, to the ready-to-settle-down one; all without relinquishing the sophisticated exuberance of youth, of course. With added features and coming in a variety of colors, this car completes the arsenal of the new, sensible and mature you.

Slide4 Slide3 Slide2 Slide1

The launching of the Mirage G4 took place at the SMX Aura Convention Center, last October 17’13. And let us tell you, the house was packed! It was great news for the dealers, and even greater news for us, as we were debuting a production never been done before. Every 3D Mapping production was a challenge unto itself, as no two projects are ever the same, but we push things further with every new endeavour. This time we had the car rotate on a lazy-susan as projection was on-going. We won’t let on how we did it, only that it is possible! Check out the pictures below to see what we mean, and of course stay tuned for the video to follow!


Slide3 Slide10 Slide9 Slide8 Slide7 Slide6 Slide5

IMMRSV ASIA would like to thank Mitsubishi Motors Philippines for this occasion to grow in our craft. We sin

Let us know about a project you have in mind, be it similar to something we’ve done before or completely new, and we’ll let you know how we can tweak it!

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Going Places

50,000 professionals from various industries, from over 160 countries, this large convention is the IBC 2013 in Amsterdam.


Such an affair is not to be missed, especially in an industry like ours; for such venues are perfect for keeping up with world trends and an avenue for improvement. So it goes without saying that the IMMRSV ASIA (Grupo Lumina) Managing Director, Mr. Mart Miranda, was one of the eager delegates.


This event was not just momentous for our company on account of its scale, but also because a valued and loyal supplier has featured our testimonial in their brochure! This is quite a start in paving the way to the international scene, as the brochure will be used worldwide wherever they have patrons.

1235965_10151742910698411_1800868529_n 1234226_10151742910713411_2051597961_n

See English translation:

English version

This is a really exciting start to our company’s chapter as IMMRSV ASIA and we hope that these blessings keep coming!

IMMRSV ASIA (Grupo Lumina) wishes to thank Coolux for featuring our testimonial in their brochure. We look forward to even more ventures as a team!


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From Grupo Lumina arises IMMRSV ASIA


Grupo Lumina goes global with IMMRSV ASIA INC.!

After our expo by the same name, the company has since launched the new branding: IMMRSV ASIA INC. (pronounced as immersive asia)

In light of our mission to expand our expertise to include all things immersive technology, we have adopted this new branding to reflect our ever growing products and services. As mentioned in the earlier post, we offer innovative ways to experience videos with digital technology where the virtual world meets reality. Moreover, we’re aiming to cater to the international scene, as well as local.

For our first ever project as IMMRSV ASIA, we banded with Team Grey from Malaysia in order to present there the very same Goodyear AVP that we produced here in Manila.


Thankfully, the AVP turned out quite the success being exactly like the local counterpart, as intended.

IMMRSV ASIA (Grupo Lumina) wishes to thank all who worked hard on this project. Our special thanks goes to Team Grey Malaysia and Goodyear, for giving us this opportunity.

We’d like to think this signals a wonderful start to our expansion. Today Asia, and who knows, maybe tomorrow, the world!

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What to do with Graffiti

When we hear the word “graffiti”, most often what comes to mind are words spray-painted on brick walls, probably in some rundown alley.

Or, for those artists out there, it can be a form of expression as there are graffiti art that are just amazing.

For us here at Grupo Lumina, we tend to agree with the latter point of view; especially when it’s given a techy twist!

We had a booth dedicated to a Digital Graffiti Wall, which everyone had fun turning it into a unique personalized photo booth! And that is just one of many ways to utilize the Digital Graffiti.

998435_10151602589686645_871366092_n 1148864_10200416057348824_2045148595_n 1175744_10200416053668732_1533254011_n 1184918_10200416060948914_1448429155_n 1186021_10200416046708558_1930504437_n 1187246_10200416049988640_35806274_n

Last Tuesday, we held our Immersive Asia Expo as scheduled; amid the raging storm and flooded streets. But that didn’t stop us from demonstrating what we can come up with given our wide array of products and services.

The Graffiti Wall is but one exhibit in our whole expo! We have lots more in store for you!

Due to the bad weather, a lot of guests couldn’t make it to the first leg of the expo. Stay tuned, for we’ll have a second to make up for it.

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